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Modify data challenge mathematical model that satisfies the axioms of the theory of Yang-Mills or
Section: Math/Statistics

The Yang-Mills fields has also spawned outside physics results, within mathematics have been used extensively to examine holomorphic bundles propierdades of poliestables. And also through Donalson theory have been applied to the theory of knots.
An important open question concerning the field ecuciones Yang-Mills

Completion date delivery solutions: 31-12-2024
Reward: 700 €
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Use of biomass
Section: Food/Agriculture
Use of biomass waste in citrus, vegetable and rice.
Completion date delivery solutions: 1-12-2024
Reward: 600 €
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Production of hydrogen to produce energy by activating the chemical reaction in sunlight
Section: Physical Sciences
The challenger proposes an incentive for demonstrable and applicable answers to the following questions:
  • How can we break down water from the action of the sun?
  • How can we separate the elements hydrogen and oxygen?
Completion date delivery solutions: 1-12-2024
Reward: 800 €
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Section: Biology
The challenger wants a study on the effects of Glucuronolactone in adults with a profile described in the extended information
Completion date delivery solutions: 1-11-2024
Reward: 600 €
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Operation of manganese in photosystem for production plants necessary for the animals oxígenomolecular
Section: Chemistry
The challenger will reward the study that a clarification of the functioning of the magnesium in the photosystem for the production by the plants of the oxygen molecule necessary for the animals
Completion date delivery solutions: 1-11-2024
Reward: 250 €
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Improvements to Huff model probability of visiting an establishment
Section: Business, Entrepreneurship and economy
To determine the likelihood of a consumer to visit a facility
in particular, Huff followed the axiom of choice proposed by Luce (1959). The company seeks challenging a system that improves the results of this axiom
which suggests that the probability that a consumer visit a particular store (Pij) is
equal to the ratio between the utility of that store (Uij) by the sum of utilities of all
stores considered by the consumer
Completion date delivery solutions: 1-11-2024
Reward: 950 €
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